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Las Vegas Hotel Condos come in a variety of styles and locations. Las Vegas hotel condos are very popular for a variety of reasons from short term rentals and second homes to residence occupancy for those who travel often and want to be Nevada residents. Some are located along the Las Vegas while others are near the Strip. Hotel Condos in general are a unique type of property. They are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the purposes of ensuring they are not a guaranteed investment. In fact, per research on this topic we find statements from vary sources on this topic like "Securities laws can potentially apply in any instance in which interests in real estate are sold in conjunction with a rental arrangement for the periods during which the unit purchaser will not be residing in the unit." Overall, the best way to think about buying and owning a hotel condo is to assume this is a real estate purchase rather than an investment and when you're not occupying it you might consider renting it for short periods.

So why would you want to buy a Las Vegas hotel condo for sale?  Some buyers want to buy and make the hotel condo a residence while they travel. Others use it for friends when they visit Las Vegas. With the Raider's stadium along the Strip corridor it also makes owning hotel condo attractive from residing to renting it short term. As an owner you can choose to have the hotel property rent the condo when you're not using it or have a non-hotel property management company handle the rental process. Luxury Realty Group has a list of local hotel condo property management firms we provide you should you become our client. Additionally, we have owned Las Vegas residential and hotel condos on the Strip and know this subject very well.

When you've identified the Las Vegas hotel condo you want to buy please contact us so we can give you the latest information we have about that specific hotel condo property. We've sold hotel condos in all of the Las Vegas hotel condo towers and know them well.

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