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Las Vegas School Zones

Las Vegas School Zones - The Clark County School District is much larger than many people expect for Las Vegas. With over 380 schools and approximately 324,093 students, Clark County School District ranks as the 5th largest in the USA. Post the real estate crash of 2009, Las Vegas and Henderson began to experience increases in growth again after 2014. As a result, many new schools are being built annually just to respond to the major continued growth in Las Vegas. Add to that house prices ranging from $100,000 to over $30 million and you can imagine the amount of population growth that has been occurring in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas since 2015.

Clark County increasingly has become innovative for its student population. One area of innovation is providing free internet access to students for classes, homework assignments and school events.

In addition to public schools, there are a number of private schools too in the Las Vegas area. Some of the private schools have waiting lists up to a year which means its most important to not only plan ahead for which school you want but also the entrance requirements and schedules.

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