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Our Luxury Home’s Special Story

Our Luxury Home's Special Story® is a unique marketing service by Luxury Realty Group for Las Vegas sellers wanting to distinguish their luxury home from competition. As a trademarked service, Our Luxury Home's Special Story® was created as a result of many luxury home interviews held with luxury homes sellers. To say these luxury home sellers were frustrated with traditional luxury real estate agents and the way they marketed their luxury home for sale would be an understatement!!

As a broker in both California and Nevada, our luxury home seller interviews were extensive both in location and price range. From $1 million to over $15 million we heard a consistent set of messages:

  • Luxury real estate brokerages aren't innovative when selling our luxury home
  • Real estate agents take lots of pictures and videos and market those with boring music. How does a prospective buyer listening to music really appreciate our luxury home and its value? 360, Virtual Reality and drone aerial videos set to music don't properly market our home and possibly not connect with the right buyer.
  • When luxury real estate agents bring buyers to our home, many don't either understand the special nuances and features of a luxury custom home or don't take the time to know anything about the history of our home.
  • Luxury home owners in some cases spent years with architects, traveling the world sourcing special features like European doors from a 17th Century monastery or special stone from various countries. How many buyer real estate agents walking into my home know any of that history? The vast majority of luxury home listing agents also don't ask such historical and detail questions.

With such strong feedback, it was very clear the owners of luxury homes we interviewed would be excited about our innovative marketing service. When we reviewed our outline of marketing services it was met with strong acceptance and demand. Luxury Realty Group from this outline created a new luxury home marketing service and trademarked it as Our Luxury Home's Special Story®.

The video on this page highlights our many luxury home seller services including Our Luxury Home's Special Story®. If you're thinking of selling your Las Vegas or San Diego luxury home please invite us to your home to tell you how our marketing services will stand above competition and get your home sold!!

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