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Our Services Explanations

This website may contain references to "Free" or "Concierge" services. As these are broad terms, the following are clarifications of these services.

Buyer Representation

If we represent you as a buyer, our services generally do not require payment from you unless you sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement which defines potential payment scenarios. The seller pays our brokerage compensation as the selling brokerage which can range from a fixed fee to commission percentage. This compensation information is available to you upon request as the buyer we represent in a real estate transaction. It may also be presented on our listing detail pages as disclosure laws change. The source of the seller paid compensation can include the listing price, the negotiated purchase price by the buyer we represent or another source as defined by the seller. Our brokerage will discuss with you as your buyer representative, the various services we will provide you before, during and after the real estate transaction.

Seller Representation

If we represent you as a seller in a real estate transaction, our services require a listing contract which currently specifies compensation to be paid to the listing and selling brokerages. The seller defines the source of the compensation which will be paid upon the successful close of escrow. As real estate laws change, seller compensation rules may also change.

New Home Construction

If we represent you as a buyer in a real estate transaction for new home construction, the builder provides our brokerage with the compensation amount that will be paid upon a successful close of escrow. We do not charge you as the buyer we represent for our buyer services to you.


As a brokerage policy, we do not accept kickbacks.

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