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Palms Place Las Vegas Condos For Sale

Palms Place Las Vegas condos for Sale - Palms Place is a 47 story hotel condo tower adjacent to the Palms Casino Resort, condos in Palms Place are residential hotel condos and it can be placed in the Palms Place rental program too.

  • As an owner or Palms Place or as a hotel guest, you have access to the Palms Casino Report property.
  • The floor numbering at Palms Place is unusual. While the physical floors are 47 the top elevator floor is 59. The reason for the floor numbering discrepancy is due to floors 40-49 were omitted on purpose in addition to the usually deleted floor 13. The Palms most likely did this due to the number 4 being unlucky in the Mandarin Chinese language and the Palms didn't want to offend any of their global guests.
  • Palms Place hotel condos Las Vegas are furnished and have contemporary decor. Depending on the location of your Palms Place condo, your views may be the Las Vegas Strip, mountains or other views.
  • Further down this page if you’re seeking specific condos on certain floors, Luxury Realty Group is the only Las Vegas brokerage where you can see for each tower by floor what condos are for sale.

Features and Amenities

  • Exercise Room
  • 50,000 Sq Foot Pool on the 6th Floor
  • Outdoor Spa with nearby Waterfalls
  • Palms Place Inner Circle Club
  • Palms Casino Resort Services
  • Palms Place Rental Program

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Palms Place Las Vegas Hotel Condos For Sale

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